Continuing the previous two blogs that were about how ideas came up and how the Europe Village Project was born and how it evolved: click here to read the first blog. In my second blog I also told you about how I asked one of my businessman acquaintances if he thinks my ideas were achievable. Click here to read the second part.

The next question is if it is possible to have people work together, specifically writing a book as a team. I went to another acquaintance of mine, who teaches at a department of literature at a university, with this question. I received the same answer: the idea is great and achievable.


I’ve been an entrepreneur for over thirty years and I have founded businesses before so I knew how to go on with the preparations for our projects. I made a business plan that I discussed with our accountants and lawyer. We also discussed how and what kind of business we should pick. We also agreed on this being a family business.

“Europe Village Ltd.” was founded on December 12, 2018, and its first task was to implement Europe Village Project.

That’s how 2018 ended.  We ended up having a new business. Founding a new business is like having a baby in a family. They are helpless and weak, but the parents know them and are sure that they are going to be successful and have a bright future. We have also believed from the very beginning that our business and our project will be a success and have a great future.

2019 started with the continuation of planning, and in the second half of January, according to our business plans, we moved on to take specific steps.

What are these steps? Stay tuned and we’ll tell you!

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