1. What do you think about the novel of Europe Village?
  • How would you describe the genre of the novel? It’s maybe a mix between adventure and crime-story with fantasy elements.
  • What are the strengths of the work in its preparation? As we don’t write it alone, we do not only have the view of an author but also see the novel through the readers eyes.
  • Who would you recommend this book to? To everyone
  1. What do you think is the strength of Europe Village Project?

The project uses art to bring European people together. It’s a very good way, because in one artwork you don’t see the differences in countries, languages or something else, it’s just made from people for people.

  1. Why do you think it’s good to have several countries involved in the Europe Village Project?

I think it makes the work more interesting for us writers and probably also for the readers.

  1. What do you think about Szentendre, the location of Europe Village Project?

Szentendre is a very cozy village with a lot of charme and with the artistic flair it fits perfectly in the image of our novel and makes the story more realistic.

  1. Have you heard about Szentendre before?


  1. Have any of your acquaintances heard about Szentendre before?


  1. What do you think is the biggest problem contemporary society?

 Money, the balance of power and that a lot of people are blinded with consumption and don’t value nature and freedom.

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