What is our mission and what is our social responsibility as we launch the Europe Village Project?

Europe Village Project

As it is being prepared for a wide audience from all over the world, we are aware that the task of writing a novel within the framework of Europe Village Project brings with it great responsibility.

It is our ambition to reach as broad an audience as possible, and to create an enjoyable way to raise their awareness of today’s pressing social and environmental problems.
We bring Europe’s residents closer together, so they can get to know one another, while building cultural bridges among different European nations. The aim of culture is not to divide, but to unite through a common language.

We are performing this task with the help of a novel, written by our international authors’ team.
Our motto: ‘One Book for Europe.’

We are all hungry for great stories, since stories are an easy way to absorb knowledge and have our worldview expanded

Today’s globalised and borderless Europe gives us a new opportunity to act together toward a collective aim: sustainable development. Together, we can shape society to be completely sustainable – both in terms of economics and consumption.
Nature speaks to us in many voices: the whispering of tree leaves, the murmur of a river, the songs of birds … We may hear them, but often we don’t understand that they are crying out for our help. It would seem that written words can’t do much where action is needed, but words are a mighty tool. Where the voice of nature is not understood, we are ready to act as translators, because Europe comprises not only its people, but the land as well, and both are equally important.
During our project we work together with many people on a day-to-day basis.
We are all partners, and for us participants of the project, this is more than just work: it’s also our passion. We work collaboratively and embrace each other’s diversity, and believe that in doing so we all get to know ourselves better too. We make it a point to treat each other with respect and appreciation

We at the Europe Village Project find social responsibility highly important, and we work with the specific issues of sustainable development and environmental protection at both global and local levels.

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We love books, we love Europe!

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