The birth of our ideas – just like our fingerprints – differ from people to people.
Many „brainstormers” get their ideas while asleep, and – if they are lucky – will remember them the morning after. The farseeing ones however will place a notebook on their nightstand, and in case of ideas will write them down. Others can be struck with great ideas like lightning at daytime, one minute to the other. If it is an epoch−making discovery, it will change the whole future of humanity – I think we all know ideas like that.

Europe Village Project however was not born of a dream or a sudden idea. It has was being built up in my mind step by step, climbing different stairs until its realisation.

Let’s start with my childhood, when I – like many other kids of my age – was living on Verne−novels. Verne was born in an age when there were still white spots on the maps, and flying or travelling underwater still seemed like utopias. He was however blessed with amazing imagination, and those white spots simply did not exist for him. His characters could discover all that yet had not been discovered: on Earth, on water, in the air.
These novels also made me wonder how wonderful it would be to establish a municipality. As time went on, in 1995 the strategic board game ’Settlers of Catan’ was launched, gaining popularity all over the world. This made me think that others might also be interested in establishing and building a settlement (wouldn’t be surprised if the founder also read Verne’s novels!).

Then in 2004 we became members of the European Union, opening new possibilities of moving freely in a common, undivided Europe.

That’s when my idea of establishing a settlement came up again – but really just on the level of ideas − , how interesting life could be at a municipality, where every European country would be represented by a family. These families then would work on a common project: agricultural project, research or other aim in common.

Of course I was aware of that my possibilities are limited for this/such.

I remember when in 2012 I was on holiday with my family in Gyula. You have to know that I am an early riser, especially in summer, while my family is exactly the opposite. So, also this August morning I woke up early. I was staring at the ceiling for some time, and when getting closer to my „time of redemption”, 7 am, when supermarkets open, I silently left our room. The shop was close to our hotel. I started walking, and just when I stepped down of the pavement at the zebra, an idea came to my mind … The rest is history.

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