Continuing the previous post: we have just been there how ideas are born and how the idea of Europe Village came into life and transformed: you can read Part 1 here!

So, on an August morning on my way to the shop in Gyula, just as I stepped down from the pavement, an idea came to my mind: this settlement inhabited by European families should be created with our imagination! Just like how Verne had sent people to the Moon or tot he back of the sea … A book should be written. The pace of thoughts for us is unimaginable: as soon as I was at the other side of the zebra, I have already thought it through. It was followed by what actually made me walk there: doing some shopping.

Our holiday in Gyula has finished soon, and we started our journey back to Debrecen with aching hearts. Since then we have had more holidays in Gyula, as it is one of our favourite places, the whole family is keen on it. The shop I have departed tot hat morning is no longer there, it has been replaced by a „dollar shop” if I remember well.

Regarding the book of an European municipality I have kept on planning, which resulted in small additional ideas – although still not connected to concrete venues or activities. First of all I came tot he conslusion that I am not able to write this book on my own, as I am not an author – so I should ally with authors. Then came the idea – as this is all about a venue formed by families of different European countries – an international authors’ team should write it! Who else would know a Slovak, Hungarian or Polish family better, than a Slovak, Hungarian or Polish author?
Of course it could not be written by 28 authors, that would be too much – but 5 out of 5 different countries could be enough for a start. As soon as I thought it through, the year 2012 was gone.

The next happening about the idea was that I met an old friend in Budapest, working in the field of PR and marketing. We have discussed my idea. My main question was whether it would be possible to make it real – an the answer I got was a „yes”.

I highly value the opinion of this friend, so this positive feedback gave a real push to keep up the planning.

I got to the conclusion that I don’t have to stick to my original idea of the municipality started by imagined European families as a venue. I also decided against our characters cooperating for a common European project.

How did the planning actually continue? If you join us, you will get to know soon / we will tell you all about it.

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