The preparations that were made so far might not be interesting to everyone, but you should understand that the future of a business is usually determined at the preparation stage.

It’s like building a house. To build a good house both farsighted planning and a secure foundation are crucial.

We were done with designing “the house” and started to put down the base by choosing the professionals involved in the project. There’s no project without them!

Let’s continue to lay the foundation and move on to the most exciting part of the Europe Village Project’s preparations: the quest for its authors.

Our duty was to find young (under 35 year old) authors from the countries we mentioned in the previous blog, who have already been published in print, or online. Those who met the criteria also had to commit to working in a team, which is not an easy condition.

The writing process itself is typically a solitary one. If the teamwork condition is not hard enough, the writers also have to work with a technical boss and a literary professional leader whose opinions must be considered.

So, these were our conditions. We proceeded to find the young authors who met these conditions the most.

As a reminder, we were looking for authors from these countries:

  • Austria
  • Czech-Republic
  • Poland
  • Hungary
  • Slovakia

A litterateur friend of mine saw the list of the countries and noted: “What a nice middle-European team!” It is, indeed!

How would you start looking for authors? Facebook doesn’t count—that’s too easy!

Stay tuned and we’ll tell you in the next blog!

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