Before taking specific steps, we defined the content of the Europe Village Project. The goal of the project is to publish a European book written by young authors from different countries. The book will be published in English first, then in every language that the authors speak. The story takes place in the country where each given author is from, but the center scene of action will take place in a Hungarian city.

The number of participating countries is five. We figured keeping five authors’ work under control is possible, but more is not as manageable.

The participating countries according to the plans are:

  • Austria
  • Czech-Republic
  • Poland
  • Hungary
  • Slovakia

Let’s move on to the specific steps!

In order to start the work we had to involve representatives of different professional fields for the technical side of the project. After two-three months of searching we succeeded in finding the best experts in every field:

  • literary professional leader: Henrik Zsiga
  • finances, accounting: Zsuzsa Fekécs, Gábor Nagy (Morality Ltd.)
  • IT: Barna Szőke
  • marketing: Dr. László Molnár
  • online marketing: Dávid Nagy
  • graphic: László Szatmári

The next step was crucial because it was time to find the authors of the project!

How did we start and who did we achieve in bringing to our project? Stay tuned and we’ll tell you!

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