Dear Readers, we kindly welcome you to our blog.

This might sound a bit conventional as a start, but how else could we begin presenting you our international literary project? As a reader of our blog, you can get closer to our project, getting to know it through posts for example about …

  • How the idea of Europe Village was born
  • What Europe Village Project is
  • How we started working on the project
  • How we found the team making our project possible/realising our project
  • How we are getting step by step closer to our aim
  • How our authors got engaged in our project
  • Besides these you can get familiar with our translators’ working methods, and our Literary Professional Leader tells you how he brings the work of authors together / how he coordinates the work of authors
  • What’s more: you can see all elements of creating a book from sketches, from writing to printing


We also have to add: these are all just topics we planned, and will definitely come up with further posts. Especially as we are also open for your questions and ideas! Just let us know which topics you would be happy to read about.

Europe Village Blog is starting soon, so stay tuned and don’t miss our next posts! Just in case: subscribe!


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