Europe Village Project: A Bridge Between Europe’s Nations

It is our pleasure to introduce to you the Europe Village Project. Our mission is bringing Europe’s residents into closer contact to facilitate understanding and exchange.

Our transnational literary project acts as a bridge between various nations in Europe.

Our motto is: ‘One Book for Europe.’

Over the course of this project we have written about “European community,” “European cooperation,” and “European participants” many times.
However, we find it important to emphasise that this Europe Village is not just for Europeans!
More than just a chance for Europeans in a specific region to get to know one another, one of our central goals is to broaden the scope of our community to include residents of other continents.

Central Europe has a wealth of cultural richness and diversity to offer the rest of the world, even if it is underrepresented outside of Europe. We would like to share all the hidden treasures found in the heart of Europe, more than is known of its capital cities. This novel – which will soon also be available as an e-book – is one such gem. Let all the treasures of Central Europe come to you! Our project is truly one of the 21st century. Its participants wrote a novel for general audiences – are highly sensitive to their surroundings and raise their readers’ awareness of pressing social problems, such as global warming, sustainable development, and social and economic disparities.

The Project

Start of project:

January 2018

Duration of project:

two years

A short introduction to our project:

  • It is an international media project
  • Its participating countries are: Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia
  • Project goal: creating a collaborative novel, with one participating author from each of the participating countries
  • Primary setting in the novel: Szentendre, Hungary
  • Characters: people from the participating European countries as well as residents of Szentendre.
  • The story is strongly connected to Szentendre, its culture, surroundings, past, and present.
  • The task of our novel is to help our readers get to know residents form the participating countries as well as the town of Szentendre.
  • Our novel’s important messages: environmental protection, sustainable development, and strengthening European identity.

The Europe Village Project is going to be published in at least six languages.

The participating authors have been selected though an open application.

Our project comprises more than just creating a novel. We believe that is not just the end goal that counts, but that the journey toward that goal is also deeply important. All our readers, authors, translators, colleagues, and partners are part of a community. We see one of our central responsibilities to be facilitating cooperation and camaraderie among the members of this community, and to enjoy creative collaboration working together. We hope that our efforts make the world a better place.

Our participating authors all live in Central Europe, which means they have more similarities than differences. They are connected by a sense of shared culture and history, which also determine how they see the world. Their differences and similarities take creative expression in our project – the novel.

Our goal is to make our larger project appealing to readers. It is our ambition to have readers take part in events connected to our project, becoming active members of the Europe Village community.

Readers who follow the project on social media can get behind the scenes insights into the different stages of creative production. This means that they can be virtually present at the birth of this pioneering project’s novel.

We are planning to integrate our international audience into the creative process: they can help create the plot and the characters, as well as help plan and design the cover of the book.

If any of the following applies to you, you might enjoy following the Europe Village Project!

  • You are keen on reading, and are hungry for adventurous stories
  • You would like to get to know our young authors
  • You would like to play a creative part in the project
  • You are also interested in writing short stories, novels, or scripts
  • You are interested in the creative process of writing a book
  • You are interested in how an international project develops
  • You are interested in Central European culture
  • You would like to get to know one of the most beautiful Hungarian towns, Szentendre

We look forward to welcoming you to the Europe Village Community!

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