We’ve arrived at one of the most exciting parts of the Europe Village project: we have started looking for the authors for the project.

The criteria of the Europe Village project:

  1. The applying author has to be from one of the participating countries
  2. The applicants must be 35 year old or younger
  3. We are expecting applicants who have been published before
  4. The applicants have to speak English well (since the main language of the project is English)
  5. The applicants have to commit to working in a team (you know: “All for one, one for all”)

Facebook advertisement was a given. We started there. It was the easiest. We advertised in all five countries.

At the same time, we contacted the cultural/literary associations and nongovernmental organizations from the participating countries. It was hard work—we found almost six hundred such organizations.

We published our application on the participating countries’ tender-websites too.

We started receiving a large number of inquiries and applications.

Based on the applications, we picked five applicants from each country, and we talked to them via Skype.

Then, after the Skype meeting, we picked from each country, those whom we believed to be the best choice – at least in terms of the project.

We contacted the best ones again, via Skype, and we told them our terms. Then, we sent the contract.

We think it’s very important to build the project on steady financial, legal and literary-professional fundaments.

Our authors bring a very serious intellectual value to life within the project, so the questions about intellectual property must be clarified in an appropriate legal contract.

The authors sent the signed contracts back and thus became full members of our team!

After the five authors signed the contract we could start working on our project for real, since everything (and everybody) was ready. We were looking forward to working together!

But we’ll talk about that next time!

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